Yeo Lek & Huey Shin

People said a relationship can be very dangerous if the couple do not get married after the 7th years.. the man will get itchy with the world outside, or get bored with his girl friend.

Guess what, this couple only officially crowned each other with Life-Partner after 13 years of long enough relationship!

I applaud for both’s loyalty to each other and their passion is still that enthusiastic.

The wedding was held in HGH Convention Centre, Sentul. One of the best wedding venue I had ever come across. Indeed, have you ever seen fireworks during your toasting? Have you ever seen a giant champagne at 1.5l? Haha.. It’s all here!

The stage is big enough to accommodate more than 30 persons in a row, if you have that big family during your toasting session.. =)

The 2nd march in was touched enough as the wife sang the most famous Hokkien song “家后” dedicated to her husband. Both were the centre of attention of the entire crowd.

It was a grand wedding dinner, and yet warm and touched. I wish Yeo Lek & Huey Shin, my beloved friends, may your love shines as much as how it shine in your wedding day!


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