Wei Tak & Soo San’s Wedding

Date: 17th March 2012
Venue: Golden Dargonboat Restaurant, Imbi

Big Family !! Big Big Family!! This is the strongest impression that I have to them. Not only the size of family members, but the caring, contribution, compassion, consideration and love.. is overflow.

It is not hard to observe Soo San, the bride is a very homely girl. She loves her family so much. Whereas Wei Tak, a very mature, stable and organized guy. He wants everything in order. Perfect match!

Although it was an ordinary Chinese banquet, however, the effort to make it a fun and memorable is easily seen. All the audience enjoy themselves a lot when I heard the cheers here and there, non stop, throughout the whole night.

As I mentioned in the toast — may you, Wei Tak & Soo San: Hold the hands, hug the heart, till the end.

Wishing you an everlsating Sweet Love ..

Managed to capture some special moments in the event…

March In

Cake Cutting

Toasting Ceremony

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