I had neither many email nor sms correspondence with Rachel before we first met. It was all about the chemistry, instinct and personal feeling in our first meeting.

Rachel is very gentle and genteel from the outside but deep inside herself, I sense discipline, assertiveness and responsibility. Yes I dressed up elegantly to see her, showing my respect and I shared a lot of my ideas in handling and coordinating her wedding reception professionally.

She was enticed by my passion and sincerity, I guessed. She told me about her love story with James and it was so sweet and touching. In a long distance relationship like theirs, it was the man who holds the heart of his loved one tight. By just hearing it, the seed of respect & admiration for this man has already been planted in my heart.

I was a little nervous in the beginning to take on this assignment, knowing that usually Japanese does not understand our local English easily due to the strong Malaysian accent. But since he is marrying a Malaysian lady, I think that should not be a big issue.
Most of the planning and arrangement of their wedding reception in Malaysia was carried out single-handedly by this lovely girl Rachel. We subsequently met 2 times before the wedding day and in between, we communicated through emails and what’s app mainly but closely.

James arrived 2 days before the wedding. Manifested by all the little actions and his eye contact to Rachel, his love, focus and care to his wife have melted and moved me and I promised to work extra miles in making this event a memorable and momentous one for them. DJ Kin and our photographer friend have done a splendid ad hoc music video for them which absolutely captured and grabbed the breathtaking matrimony moments in the first hand!

Congratulations once again to this perfect match – James and Rachel ! My blissful tears rolled down when I heard the thank you speech from both of you. “Long distance no more, 2 hearts now beat as one.” I wish two of you will live happily hand in hand and heart to heart in the new castle of romance.
All the best my dear friends!

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