Be the wedding reception emcee for Stevan & Sasha

Together they started their awesome journey with 3Ls : LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.
That slogan intrigued and impressed me when I stepped into the ballroom in Hotel Maya. I was not sure if that was the idea from the hotel or from the couple. But it was simply captivating!

Both Stevan and Sasha are auditors by profession. Well I do not have many accountant nor auditor friends. However, before I became a full time professional emcee, I was a sales consultant. You know, sales people can never be good friends with accountants or auditors! In our mind, they are the people who keep on finding faults and picking flaws on someone else! They are calculative, love to complain and compound is the ultimate penalty they like to have.

This old prejudiced perception immediately changed when I met this couple. Instead of being stiff and rigid, they are very friendly and flexible. They welcomed my ideas and suggestions with opened hearts and free minds. I joyfully and unreservedly provided my best service to them and we respect each other very much.

The wedding reception was carried out in a warm and cozy ambiance with countless moments of heartening humours at times. The guests were very receptive and welcoming. That showed how much love and support they have for this loving couple. They are like the precious prince and princes in the guests’ palms, being well adored and dotted on.

I am delighted to be part of the event and have made it a successful one.
Have an everlasting and endearing awesome journey together, Stevan & Sasha.

All the best.


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