Be the wedding emcee for Chee Hou & Winnie

Last night was the night for me to be up onstage, emceeing the wedding for my couple, Chee Hou & Winnie. Thanks Irene Leong & Bil Hwan for introducing such a wonderful couple to me. Chee Hou is a really a handsome & patience man while the bride Winnie is a very detailed person who is the best personal assistant to her husband. She is the best wedding organizer of all that I have seen so far, although she prepared everything almost all by herself.

With the coincidence that Chee Hou is from Air Panas, I bumped into a lot of familiar people from that neighbourhood, because Air Panas is my hometown too! It was so happy to meet them, all the Hockien people.. yeah, Hockien people are very friendly!

It was my great honour to emcee for their wedding reception, the family members and guests treated me like a Superstar and I felt flattered hahaha... we took a lot of pictures and generally the feedback were " I am a friend of the couple", or " I am very creative in my words", or " I was very "daring" (in a positive way to make the guests laugh lar.. hehe...)when come to describe the couple.. I feel blessed when receiving such comments, those are what I hope to achieve during my career of wedding emcee.

Congratulations to Chee Hou & Winnie, or rather I called them 豪哥&好嫂。。wishing you an everlasting happiness.. 

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