Toastmasters 2012 International Speech Contest (Club Level)

AFC Toastmasters Club

After 2 contests I attempted in the previous years ..but failed 🙁  .. I decided to give it a harder shot this year!
Stayed away from my ordinary topics such as boy-girl related topics, family related topics, worked related topics (which all these sum up to the complete pizza of my world).. I decided to choose a topic that relates to everyone — MONEY!

SAVING FOR A RAINY DAY – big bang at the beginning, serious content, inspiring message in entertaining delivery. Under the hard training from my mentor DT… finally I hit the top 3… I achieved 1sr runner up in my club contest.

on 28th March, I am going for the area contest.. which I will be competing *against myself*.. that’s always my goal. Winning or not, that does not determine a person’s success, the substance of a speaker does. I believe in that.

Let’s wish myself luck and hopefully I come back with pride and flying colors..


Practice in other club..

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Professional Speaker

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