Toastmasters 2012 International Speech Contest (Area Level)

After receiving the silver platter from Daniel Teh my mentor, I proceeded to the Area Level.

That day was a sunny day.. I purposely do away with all the busy appointment and got myself very ready for the contest. I practice in front of my brothers baby. He laughed non stop.. I know, something will happen.

I arrived early and get familiarized with the environment, people & stage. “Treat the stage like your bedroom. You own it”. That is what my mentor has always says.

Our Area governor, Thiaga’s mom likes me much. My confident was boost up! I applied my Pomande many times to cool myself.

Thanks to Haji Hashim, he reminded me to wear my high heel shoes because it was a carpeted floor.

The contest started. It was a joint area contest, joining Area G3 & G4. It started with G3 and I am in G4.

In the vigorous applaud and cheers from my members, I went out, did it, done well and ended elegantly.

As expected, I won. **Kiss..


all the supporters from AFC, the unity of AFC Toastmaster Club

Presenting to you - the area champion, Jocelyn Lim .. *Clap*

My buddy Hilson-Champion of Table Topic Contest

The achievements in Area Contest., presenting to you my probs, cerfiticate and the trophy


Champion in Public Speaking. The 1st time happens in my life. Even my mother does not expect

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