Saving For A Rainy Day

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Prepare Your Umbrella Before It Rains

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A multi-millionaire friend told me, “Jo, I want to do online business like you, selling soft toys.” I was shocked! “Hey friend, running an online business needs a lot of passion and time. Why would you want to spend your time doing retail business, earning those little pennies while you are already a multimillionaire?”

Ladies and gentleman, the answer is self explained. “Prepare your umbrella before it rains”.

Ladies & gentleman, who dares to admit, if you lose your source of income now, you still can survive for another 3-6 months?

I am a young entrepreneur. Not demanding a filthy rich life, I used to live in my own comfort zone, enjoying my life. Last year, I went for a 3 weeks holiday in Taiwan. As a proud Malaysian backpacker, I like to spend all my money, help that country’s economy, and show our Malaysian’s glory! Malaysia Boleh! When I came back to my office, happy like bird, starting my working turbo, chiak… I opened the door, huh? My office was in a mess! All the staffs were gone! I kept calling my business partner but he did not pick up the phone! Need not going into the details, you know what had happened. I picked up the scrambled & tossed papers, cried without tears. Looked into my pocket; my saving left no more than your monthly telephone bill.

Back track in the year 2006, when I just started to work, I was very gung-ho and enthusiastic. Well, being an outgoing and active person like me, at early 20’s, young, sweet, attractive, talkative, who wouldn’t be gung-ho? To me, everything can! I gung-holy joined a direct selling company to earn side income. You know the style of direct selling people? They drive luxurious cars, eat expensive meals, and carry branded handbags, even the underwear also branded. Being wanted to be in the gang, I groomed myself as them too. I spent my little income like opening the water tap! I ended up with 4 credit cards, total credit 28k, with all cards gone over limit, while I was only making 3k plus per month at that time. At that time, I treated credit card more crucial than my identity card. After a year plus, that life was too stressful to me until I couldn’t stand it and I stopped it immediately.

A wise man told me, if a person makes a mistake for the first time, he is innocent. If he repeats the same mistake for the second time, he is careless. If he repeats again the same mistake for the 3rd time, he is an idiot. It’s really painful to bang my head to the wall twice because I did not prepare my umbrella before it rains. And I don’t want to be an idiot!

I “closed my water tap”. Stop spending like Pn Ros.M… I took 7 years to clear my credit cards outstanding balance and plan for my future by investing into insurance and fixed deposits.

Now, I cannot claim myself as wealthy but at least I can have full mind to think what I want to everyday, without having to worry how much is my credit card outstanding balance, minimum payment, due date.. etc.

Ladies and gentleman, isn’t this a common scenario? Starting a business is so easy nowadays. There are more and more young entrepreneurs in the society. They wear branded stuffs, they drive luxurious car, they groom themselves as if they are so successful. If your bosses are like one of them, don’t envy. Who knows, they maybe chase after by banks every month for their debts and loans.

Prepare your umbrella before it rains. Isn’t this is actually always taught by our parents? I remembered when my mother nagged me, “ah girl, don’t always over spend, you are actually spending your future money, which you do not know you are able to make it or not.” At that time I just was impatiencely replied her: “Why block myself under the umbrella, when I can enjoy the beautiful sunshine?”

Now I can comprehend this sentence. I rather stand strong to welcome the rain and storm, and then enjoy the rainbow after that. Sunshine? No no.. I don’t want to get sunburn. So my friends, remember this, do not save what’s left over your spending, but spend what’s left over your saving.

Like how my mama always says: Life is like a box of fortune cookies, you do not know what you are going to get next. So, prepare your umbrella before it rains.








After 11 rounds of amendments, it became

** showing you too, how I mark my speech in delivery.. hehe..


Saving for a rainy day (650 WORDS)

If you were to lose ALL your incomes now, how many years can you survive? 1 year ? 2 years? Or 2 days? (cheeky style)

Isn’t this daunting and scary?

When I first started working in 2004, I was full of energy and ready to take on the whole world. Zealously, I joined a direct selling company to earn some side income. You know the style of the direct selling people? Some of them drive luxurious cars, eat in expensive restaurants, and use branded accessories including their underwear.  Aspiring to be in that class, I groomed myself to be like them too. I lived a lush and lavish life style like a super successful tycoon, splurging and using up my meager income like nonstop running water!

I ended up with 4 credit cards all busted over the total credit limit of RM 82k, while I was only making rm3K per month!!!  Every month, I was hunted and hounded by the banks and debt collectors. The threat of ending up in jail was just around the corner.

(take a step forward) My life became a horrible night mare. Go out I carry LV, back home I eat Maggie. At the age of 28, I envied my peers for having big piles of contingency funds and fixed deposits, while I had bigger piles of credit card statements and countless phone calls from the banks! AH!~ it was so ex(z)aspirating)! I had to stop all these immediately. Otherwise, no one would want to marry me.

A few years later I became an entrepreneur. Not craving for a rich life, this time, I lived within my means. Deservingly, I went for a 3 weeks backpacking holiday in Taiwan. I had a great time and I spent all my money to boost that (don’t point down) country’s economy and show off our Malaysian’s glory and generosity! When I came back to my office, and on opening the door, (happy happy), huh? (shock) My office was broken in and completely (swing left & right) ransacked! All my office equipments were gone! I picked up (move and pick) the scattered, torn & tossed papers and stationeries. (喘气) All my investments crumbled (from top to bottom) before my eyes.

(change position – clear & firm) A wise man told me, if you make a mistake for the first time, you are innocent. If you do it for the second time, you are careless. However, if you repeat it for the 3rd time, you are crazy. It’s really painful to bang my head against the wall twice because I did not save for my rainy days. Worst still, it never even occur to me that the rain storm can come anytime! I don’t want to be crazy , ever again!

I conscientiously “turned off my water tap” and stopped spending like Paris || Hilton. I was deter(high)mined to follow closely 3 golden rules in prudent spending.


No 1 – In “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robbert Kiyosaki said, “Pay yourself first!” Every month, I settled my bills on time and live pru(high)dently with my left over income.

No 2 – “Wear a hat which fits your head (had)”. Branded underwear? Luxurious (luck-jewel-rious) accessories? No No! (hand & head) I learned to only spend on my needs, not spend on my whims- and- fancies.

No 3 – “Stop abus(z)ing your credit cards!” The credit card is an angel at the front but a devil at the back! Use them wisely or if you cannot control your spending, throw them away! We should spend the actual money which we have, not the money we think & hope we will have.

Now I have settled all my debts and happily recovered from my financial mismanagement.  Throughout the years, not only that I rea(e)lized the importance of “saving for a rainy day”, I also understood that we should not put all our eggs in one basket that is, to have multiple incomes. I am now wearing 3 hats – I am an entrepreneur in the IT industry; I am an event emcee, and I am also running an on(high)line store. With 3 incomes, I believe my market value has gone up (point up), ||| so any takers? (Turn …swing)

So, ladies & gentleman! Can you seriously survive for as long as you want, without any income, and best of all, without tightening your belt? And that is the best ic(s)ing- on- your cake |||for your rainy day! (big smile)


6 practices in different club. Yes, most people wouldn’t want to show how bad they perform, they only like to show off how well they have perform. In the angle of education, I want my reader to realize that, the success on stage is not happen by luck, it required tons of hard work.

1st practise – YMCA TMC, Penang


2nd practice – MMU Cyberjaya


3rd practice – IEL TMC


4th practice – Mid Valley TMC

5th practice – Speecom TMC


6th practice – AFC TMC


7th practice – TMI KL

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