QC & Li Ming

14th Jan 2012, what a wonderful day to mark the start for my wedding emcee in 2012!

The wedding was held in Bankers Club, Amoda Building. Friends, if you are looking at a small crowd for your wedding, this is the fantastic choice. First, the unique venue, as well the the program you can have.

Cocktail is served at 6.30pm at the lobby where the pre wedding slide show was looped. Coupled with soft background music, it is just nice to have the fellowship here.

The event commenced on time.. (small crowd mah… hehehe….)  The couple march in from upstairs, accompanied by the classic Canon in D in Piano version. Of course, the pianist need to be a charming one lar.. in my case, yes Malcolm Ha, he is charming.. =)

The cake cutting was conducted at the lobby. Real cake, small cake but really tasteful. It will be then served together with the dessert during the last course.

After cake cutting, the couple led the crowd into the banquet and there we have our food presentation. Nothing fancy, but I would say more on caring and friendly.

The band started their first set and of course, at that moment, the atmosphere was not warm yet.. sentimental songs along the way, good food, great wine.. just nice!

The come to the second part of the wedding where it is my turn !! Funny enough, me, as usual.. make some fun with the couple.. make them kiss on the stage.. and make the crowd laugh!

The stage was so small and full therefore I have to stand by the side during the toasting… but it was alright!

The second session of band was really good where we managed to hold the crowd’s mood up and down with a whole row of  light-hearted and cute songs..

Here’s the video highlights of the wedding..

I ended the memorable day with a duet with Elaine, singing the most popular Hokkien song in wedding “家后”…

All in all, I enjoyed this wedding so much.. it just opens my mind as I am the first time emcee in Bankers Club, it is also my first time to end my emcee with a song.. =)

May QC & Li Ming have a happy marriage ever after.. you two are the best! It’s my pleasure to be with you in your big day… you two are very kind & very friendly! Especially Li Ming where I really love your smile!

Photo album here… ^^

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