See how professional has emcee Jocelyn become?

Since 2011, I started my journey in the world of emceeing, specifically in wedding emcee.

Being an independent and tough lady, I took all responsibility upon myself to ensure all the programs run smoothly according to plan. I have worked together with a lot of hotels and restaurants. No doubt, all wedding venue provides PA system, lighting and also the technician to handle it.

Sadly, through my experience, I have not found more than 5 technicians who is able to handle an event professionally. The 4 that I like are from Sunway Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Sime Darby Convention Center and from Noble Banquet. Those technicians are reliable. There are too many to name for not being responsive and professional in their work.

Bit by bit, I got my partner involved in handling PA System for me and also to coordinate the floor for me. Please don't be mistaken, I am not here to fight for rice with the sound system suppliers. We only have a basic mixer (which is only sufficient to be used within us) , 2 cordless mic and 1 skin mic. These equipments are to furnished to wedding couples, should it be a situation whereby we come across bad system in the wedding venue. Of course, skin mic is more for stage games.After all, we still need the speakers from the venue.

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My little cordless mic and skin mic. I am happy to have them! 

I think coordination is really important in handling a wedding reception, when the couple doesn't hire a wedding planner. I am very particular in this area and ("touch-wood"), so far I have not been in the situation where the stage is cold and blank. That's because my partner and I work on full tacit teary, we are strict and flexible. We are strict in all plan control and we are flexible in handling unexpected circumstances.  That is also where the comments " Emcee Jocelyn handles our wedding professionally" come from.

Walkie Talkie is another equipment we invested in attempting zero lapse time in coordination and communication.

My little toys - I mean the walkie talkie lar.. ^^

When comes to hyping the crowd, I think the music selection and the DJ is so important. A lot of times, client mistaken sound man with DJ. I faced some challenges too when a DJ couldn't follow my hype and rhythm in playing games. So I have also slowly pick up at this area..

Emcee Jocelyn is definitely a person who is 100% passionate about emceeing. We will improve bit by bit to ensure we handle the job assignments perfectly. I am not sure what's coming up next, for that, you need to stay tuned with me.

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Chae -- The DJ of Emcee Jocelyn

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