Joshua & Kim’s Wedding

She’s my one of my best friend. We knew each other since primary. She is charming, energetic, active, and outgoing.

I still remember, she was still single & available till her 27. Me and my friends were worry, is she going to have a partner? She’s just so independent, tough and perfect, being a female or a girl friend.

Till that day she brought her soul mate to meet us in Neway Karaoke..! I was so touched and happy for her!

Joshua appeared shy and cool when we all were strangers. Later we all knew that he is so funny, friendly and fantastic guy. He hang out a lot with us a lot, and very well. He loves my friend very much, we all can see it, “smell” it and feel it.

4 years passed. That day has arrived, they are declared husband&wife!! Hurray! Well done Joshua, Congrats my friend, Kim! You two are the perfect match in my eyes….

It was an auspicious and busy day for me and all of our sisters. We enjoyed making fun with the brothers. and for me, it was also a great opportunity to partner with the famous Ai Fm DJ, Picky Tong in emceeing Joshua & Kim’s wedding.

Joshua, we hand over Kim to you. We hope you can treat her as well as how you love her now.. till the end. Kim, may you have a perfect marriage, living happily ever after..


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