It was an amazing day. It happened on 22nd September, my birthday! I was given a chance to shower the tender loving ardor and thrills of joy on a Japanese couple - to emcee their garden ROM ceremony and wedding dinner! Among the crowd, I was the only person who does not speak Japanese language, and I did not understand a single word they said.. yet I was the emcee.. what a pleasure (though challenging I must say)...* This was the moment when body language, facial expressions and hand gestures played an important role!

The entire ROM ceremony was exceptionally touching...Although it was just around 60 people in the field, but 90% of them came from different parts of the world just to celebrate this phenomenal and sentimental occasion with the couple. They were from Japan, China, Hong Kong, East Malaysia and all over West Malaysia! I could see tears of joy and emotion of relish on the couple, the parents, bridesmaids, family and friends... Yeah, I hold mine quite hard too! I was glad that they were impressed and amazed on how wonderful a ROM ceremony could be done in Malaysia.

I was fascinated and enchanted by Japanese’s culture, because they paid decorous attention to every single detail in all matters that happened in the ceremony - they graciously listened to every word I said and every segment I conducted, and respectfully responded to them. They even paused the dinner just to watch the slide shows or videos.. And video after video.. they cheered, they clapped, they laughed, they gestured and they shed tears all together..

That was my first time, but it will not be my last time emceeing a wedding dinner of Japanese couples. This episode has become one of my most defining moments and the fondest memories which I will always hold dear to my heart. Truly unforgettable !.
Wishing you perpetual happiness, Yosuke & Akiko and thanks again for having me to be in and as part of your greatest chapter in life !

Wishing you an everlasting happiness, Yosuke & Akiko


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