David & Pei Ling’s Wedding

Date: 11th March 2012
Venue: Concorde Hotel (Xin Restaurant)

“SOS! I can’t find an emcee.. actually I was just too busy until I forgot I have to get an emcee for my wedding.. and also a live band…” this is the phone call from my school mate.. after the last contact in more than 10 years ago..

Chong Hwa children are very “有义气” one… of course, I lend my 2 arms and legs to help.. In my mind, I always feel pleasure if people trust me and hand over their most important night for me to handle. I will do my best.

“SOS! I can’t find a live band which fit into David’s budget.. can you help? He is my friend…” this is how I gotten the hands from Lemonade Events, Steven.. my junior from USM Wandarers….

Absolutely correct with the idiom we learned in school :在家靠父母,出外靠朋友… cool ~

It was a warm and happy evening… 25 tables.. so you expect to see all closed, very closed, super closed friends and family. Of course, most of them are crazy, very crazy .. i mean.. excited and happening..

I was wearing 2 hats in the night.. I was a guest, an lost contact old friend & I was the emcee. Busy entertaining the crowd, coordinating the floor and of course, not forgotten to enjoy myself amongst my old crowd. Feeling like gone back to the old days.. the same faces the same laughter.

The greatest touched came when David’s grandmother hold me to her seat, happily thank me and praise for my performance. I can felt her joy, her satisfaction and appreciation. She has more than 25 grandchildren ! Wow… for not less than 10 minutes she has been mentioning thank you to me.. I looked into her eyes.. gotten the biggest encouragement and motivation I ever had.. Thank you aunty, I will do it better in the weddings to come! Thanks for the “push”!

Lastly, congrats my friend… may you live a happy life ever after.. Don’t keep “干妹妹” anymore.. it’s not working on you anymore.. and also don’t see the leng luis around u anymore… not for u! ur bachelor is expired and now begin the journey of husband and family leader!


All the best!



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