Wrap up my wedding functions in 2011

2011 was a great year.  I did close to 20 weddings in KL, as well as some in outstation…

Wedding is the most memorable moments to a love journey, to the couple, to the family. We do not need to have a super grand event, but I felt the warm and simple one is even better…

Guests from KL and guests in outstation are totally different. In KL, most of them are a little shy, slow to warm up .. whereas in outstation, we experience the guest dancing and cheering in front of the stage, as if they are watching a life concert! That feeling is describable! But so fun!

Thank s for all my customers for giving me the opportunity to participate in your most important moment in life.. every event is an opportunity to learn, to grow and to inspire for new ideas..

Share these funny faces & memorable photos of me in my events…

the couple was giving speech


welcoming the couple

Me & the band!

photo with mosaic music

wedding emcee for Brian & Ellen

What was I doing? Hahaah...

wedding emcee for Brian & Ellen

nice wishes from me and the guests..

Partner with Picky Tong, the DJ from AI FM

Have fun with couple


toasting ceremony

The couple & us

I hope all of my customers enjoyed my performance, and wishing you all a wonderful family life ahead.

Good bye 2011.

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