Luxor Beauty World Annual Appreciation Dinner 2012

Date: 22 March 2012
Venue: Noble Banquet
Capacity: 17 tables.

170 guest with 95% female & 5% male.. can you imagine how cool will it be? And I’ve got an opportunity to be there, at the centre of attention somemore.. hehe..

Being a boyish girl, dealing with girl can be challenging to  me. I normally don’t soften my voice, be “manja” or do those girly praising or discuss on girly topics… I am charm enough to mesmerize men ( i think lar..) but to girls, I am a bit handicap. Hehe..

Just imagine, would I want to wear a stunning stage costume that outshine the girls? Should I be humble or just show my max? …

Therefore, I drag one of my youngest, most charming and gorgeous mentor in Toastmasters International (introducing to you the macho Jack Lim) to be with me!

Looking at the guest gender segmentation – he rise his hand high up to agree to come with me without any doubt!

There we go!

This is the first time I partner with another person in emcee an event. Jack is also doing emcee the first time in corporate event.

The situation started a bit cool – given the CEO complain that no one responded to his joke..

But we are able to spice it up with our “cold jokes”.. and games!

Yes, the games in this event was under jobscope too. Being a professional event emcee, understanding your audience is very important, they preferred language, their background, what’s their purpose of attending this event.. etc

We had wonderful and excited games for each and everyone. With the fun, laughter, joy and cheers the 2 of us brought to them on the stage, we can see the audience enjoyed it very much..

Not forgetting the 140 lucky draws! Almost everyone gets a present.. I nearly wanted to say, those go home without present are really the “lucky ones” hehe…

The event ended in a group song where everyone sing and cheer along.. dance along too.

Emceeing in this event was fun and excited! That was the first time I read a list of lucky draw winner non stop for half an hour.. hehe.. “powderful”… =)

Thanks for the CEO, who liked our performance very much. I actually made him felt good by asking all the staff to stand up and present an appreciation toast to him. All of them shouted “Thank You Boss” loudly.

Emcee in corporate event is definitely fun & exciting. Everything is new to me, and I am curious to know everything.. Specifically for this event, thanks to Jack Lim.. the most famous bukit bintang emcee.. hehe…

This is the starting point, hope there’s more to come…










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