Journey To The Wild Wild West, by White Horse Ceramic

The Journey of a thousand miles begin with… putting your shoes on your feet!! Haha… That was how we  started the journey to the wild wild west.

Taken together with the new tiles launched by White Horse Ceramics, we started our 1st station in Penang @ G Hotel on 28 June, then move down to my home, KL One World Hotel on the 5th July and back to the Horse’s hometown, JB @ TSL Resort on 13th July.

The journey was very interesting.. barrels, sweet-young-juicy-sexy-tasty cowgirls, plus one old cow aunty emcee, list of surprises, lucky draws (10 Samsung + 10 iPad2 per event!! Can you imagine that??) and our professional Corn Cake King live band.

There were about close to 3000 guests for all 3 nights.. and we enjoyed ourselves very very much.. especially when I called the Lucky number 0-0-0.. 1-1-1.. wahaha…

Was only able to get the photos in Penang & KL..



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