12th JCI Mandarin KL Installation Party

Date: 4th March 2012
Venue: Grand Imperial, PJ
Style: Chinese Banquet, formal, 4hours agenda.

Thanks for my buddy, Shane Lim, the organizing chair of this event! He has lifted up my boring Sunday by given me a mission im-possible! It is to emcee the 12th JCI Mandarin KL Installation Party. The hard part is not emcee, but receiving the details on the very last minute! I was only looking at the agenda and details upon arrival to the banquet.. which is 1 hour before the event starts.

The most challenging part of emceeing a formal and corporate event is reading the title of VIP.. long and XXXX… cannot be mis-pronounced, ranking must be correct, hierarchy order cannot be mixed up!

It started quite well but because the entire installation agenda was all about speeches.. the crowd tend to be lost control to the end of the event… fortunate enough, my humor could control them a little.. haha.. at least hold them for 10 minutes blocks, another 10 minutes blocks, to make sure the event ended in a high note.

anyway, it is still considered a good show.. as what I knew from the floor.. compliements from the guests are the biggest motivation to me! That marks my first official portfolio for my experience in corporate event emcee ! Yeah …



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