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Luxor Beauty World Annual Appreciation Dinner 2012

Date: 22 March 2012 Venue: Noble Banquet Capacity: 17 tables. 170 guest with 95% female & 5% male.. can you imagine how cool will it be? And I've got an opportunity to be there, at the centre of attention somemore.. hehe.. Being a boyish girl, dealing with girl can be challenging to  me. I normally don't soften my voice,...

12th JCI Mandarin KL Installation Party

Date: 4th March 2012 Venue: Grand Imperial, PJ Style: Chinese Banquet, formal, 4hours agenda. Thanks for my buddy, Shane Lim, the organizing chair of this event! He has lifted up my boring Sunday by given me a mission im-possible! It is to emcee the 12th JCI Mandarin KL Installation Party. The hard part is not emcee, but receiving...

Wrap up my wedding functions in 2011

2011 was a great year.  I did close to 20 weddings in KL, as well as some in outstation... Wedding is the most memorable moments to a love journey, to the couple, to the family. We do not need to have a super grand event, but I felt the warm and simple one is even better... Guests...

Emcee @ Kechara 2012 Grand Festival of Wealth & Protection

I have chosen to start my 2012 with something meaningful! .. which is to be the volunteer emcee in this grand and amazing Kechara 2012 Grand Festival of Wealth and Protection 十万佛灯。 It was held in Chin Woo Indoor Stadium and lasted for 3 days ( 6-8 January). In there, you get to know Buddhism better through of...